Former German President Joachim Gauck hands over Dr. Frank Husemann the Federal cross of Merit
Former German President Joachim Gauck hands over Dr. Frank Husemann the Federal cross of Merit

After his six-year-old son Tim was diagnosed with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL), Dr. Frank Husemann founded the non-profit NCL Foundation, which he supports in a voluntarily capacity. Back in 2002/2003 the founding of the NCL Foundation was the national service project of Round Table Germany and some tables still support us. The NCL Foundation is the largest single sponsor of scholarships in this field and connects research  worldwide. 


On 1st October 2015, Dr. Frank Husemann was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for his extraordinary engagement.

NCL Foundation Annual Report 2022
2022 Annual Report NCL Foundation.pdf
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The team of the NCL Foundation
The team of the NCL Foundation

From left to right:


Christina Jädke (Administration)

Dr. Herman van der Putten (Research)

Carolin Kirchmann (Fundraising)

Dr. Frank Stehr (CEO)

Dr. Birgit Faßbender (Science Communications; not in the pic.)

Alexandra Beyer (Communications & Marketing; not in the pic.)

Tiziana Sandmaier (Education & Fundraising); not in the pic.)







Our small team is also supported by many volunteers and diligent trainees.


Dr. Frank Stehr – CEO

+49 40 69 666 74-11


Dr. Herman van der Putten – Research

+49 163 73 830 83



 Dr. Birgit Faßbender - Science Communications



Honorary Foundation Council

Our honorary foundation council supports the CEO in a voluntarily capacity.

From left to right:

Dr. Frank Husemann

Martin Hartleif

Alexander Rößler

Dr. Rainer Kuhn


© Andreas Überschär

Honorary Scientific Advisory Council

The honorary scientific advisory council helps with all issues concerning science and research. From left to right:

Prof. Beverly Davidson

Prof. Robert Steinfeld

Dr. Angela Schulz

Inset photo:

Dr. Rebecca Ahrens-Nicklas

Dr. Graeme Bilbe

Honorary Board of Trustees

The honorary board of trustees carries the subject of NCL into the public.

From left to right:

Ralf Sigrist

Hubert Neubacher

Birgit Saatrübe

Lutz Marmor

Sigrid Bauschert

Olaf Rotax

(not in the picture: Werner Schulze-Erdel)


© Thomas Meyer