Funding for a postdoc position

© Gordon Johnson, Pixabay
© Gordon Johnson, Pixabay

Thanks to the great support from the Friedrich Flick Förderungsstiftung, the Werner Reichenberger Stiftung, the Gerhard Müggenburg Stiftung, and the Lions Club Lübecker Bucht, we are able to announce the 2nd NEURODEGENERATION RESEARCH AWARD 2024 which is endowed with 100.000 EUR


The grant should be used for a postdoctoral fellowship salary.


The research award aims at fostering and improving synergies between research on CLN3 childhood dementia and age-related neurodegeneration


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Two collaborating partners must co-apply for the award

2. One must be actively engaged in CLN3 research

3. The other in research on age-related neurodegeneration


Ideally, postdoctoral candidates should perform part of their work in the laboratories of both applicants. Colleagues interested should first send us a brief Letter of Interest with a short description of the research proposal.


Provided the proposal raises sufficient interest, you will be asked to hand in a full proposal using the attached form (see below).


If you need help to find a collaborating partner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will support you finding a match.



1st stage: please, send your Letter of Interest to until August 15, 2024

2nd stage: please, hand in your full application to before October 15, 2024


We are looking forward to hearing from you! 


Also, feel free to forward this call for proposals to interested parties.


Application form 2nd Neurodegeneration Research Award
2024-06-17 2nd Neurodegeneration Researc
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